I can’t believe it’s already Day of the Dead time again!  I have told myself everyday throughout the summer that I was going to post a new ‘wise, persuasive’ thought – once a week – in this section of my website.   See what happens when you procrastinate?  NOTHING!  Which aligns perfectly with almost everyone I know who acknowledges that getting their end-of-life paperwork together is important and needs to be done and it just keeps getting put off.

I try to leave people alone after November first-ish (with reminders that they are going to die one day), hoping simply that they enjoy the holidays with the crazy people they know and love.  Until after the new year, when I LOVE reminding people about their resolutions and the validity of knowing better and not wanting ultimately to leave a mess for someone who loved them to clean up, in the event …. of our ultimate inevitable demise.

So here we are!  Creeping up to All Hallow’s Eve and Day of the Dead.  This is a friendly yet spooky reminder that I sincerely hope that you take a few moments and reflect on what’s real and what’s important and use my resourceful book to commit your thoughts to paper so that the folks you love will know it when the grim reaper gets you!