Holidaze are over and we embark on new trails of self-discovery and hopefully self-actualization as we march into the unknown … hopefully with integrity, dignity and self-respect ….

To that end, I encourage all who may be reading this to indulge in the ultimate self-responsibility by taking the time to get your end-of-life docs in order.  If not for yourself, for the people who love YOU and will have to clean up your s**t if you don’t leave them with proper instructions or road map regarding your final wishes and determinations (not to mention avoiding the horrors of Probate!).  It’s really not that big of a deal, does not take a whole lot of time and the sense of relief and confidence moving forward can be quite liberating!

My book was written as an expression of education and service for others.  I have the information personally yet am impassioned and eager to share it so that you and yours can reach Nirvana in good stead if not PEACE OF MIND!

Buy this excellent resource, do the little bit of work required, feel better about yourself and then get back to work or play!  And/or, use it as a conversation starter with folks you dig and unburden the fear and ignorance around the reality of our inevitability of transitioning beyond ….

XOXO Happy New Year Y’all!