Dia de los Muertos

day of the dead


If you really want to tell someone you care for them, deeply and sincerely, forget the chocolates and the roses and the diamonds and an expensive dinner this Valentines Day – prove you love them with a copy of my book, one for you and one for them … Be a grown-up and a thoughtful progressive thinker, regardless of age or health status, religion, political affiliation or anything that’s makes us cool and unique and take a little time to review the truth about reality and the inevitable (cuz shit happens everyday and we all know it) and get this vital and important work done – if nothing else, start the conversation!

LOVE YA! xoxo Peter

Life’s Tool Box: End-of-Life Preparation – Get ‘er done!


check it out people!



Holidaze are over and we embark on new trails of self-discovery and hopefully self-actualization as we march into the unknown … hopefully with integrity, dignity and self-respect ….

To that end, I encourage all who may be reading this to indulge in the ultimate self-responsibility by taking the time to get your end-of-life docs in order.  If not for yourself, for the people who love YOU and will have to clean up your s**t if you don’t leave them with proper instructions or road map regarding your final wishes and determinations (not to mention avoiding the horrors of Probate!).  It’s really not that big of a deal, does not take a whole lot of time and the sense of relief and confidence moving forward can be quite liberating!

My book was written as an expression of education and service for others.  I have the information personally yet am impassioned and eager to share it so that you and yours can reach Nirvana in good stead if not PEACE OF MIND!

Buy this excellent resource, do the little bit of work required, feel better about yourself and then get back to work or play!  And/or, use it as a conversation starter with folks you dig and unburden the fear and ignorance around the reality of our inevitability of transitioning beyond ….

XOXO Happy New Year Y’all!

Day of the Dead is Coming!

I can’t believe it’s already Day of the Dead time again!  I have told myself everyday throughout the summer that I was going to post a new ‘wise, persuasive’ thought – once a week – in this section of my website.   See what happens when you procrastinate?  NOTHING!  Which aligns perfectly with almost everyone I know who acknowledges that getting their end-of-life paperwork together is important and needs to be done and it just keeps getting put off.

I try to leave people alone after November first-ish (with reminders that they are going to die one day), hoping simply that they enjoy the holidays with the crazy people they know and love.  Until after the new year, when I LOVE reminding people about their resolutions and the validity of knowing better and not wanting ultimately to leave a mess for someone who loved them to clean up, in the event …. of our ultimate inevitable demise.

So here we are!  Creeping up to All Hallow’s Eve and Day of the Dead.  This is a friendly yet spooky reminder that I sincerely hope that you take a few moments and reflect on what’s real and what’s important and use my resourceful book to commit your thoughts to paper so that the folks you love will know it when the grim reaper gets you!

End of Life Choices – Planning and Being Prepared

Winter is over, spring is springing and schools gonna be out for summer soon …. All good reasons to get your shit together, live with integrity and die with dignity (but not for a long long time).   We are launching our new and improved website, the 4th and best edition of our book – with tons of end of life choices, planning and being prepared information.  Our informative face book page and a really fun You Tube video are worth checking out as well as you plan and become prepared for the inevitable.  If not for yourself, buy this book, take a minute to do the work and get the done for the people who love you.  It makes all the difference and costs less than your first 20 minutes at happy hour.  Cheers and Aloha!  Have a great Memorial Day Weekend and look for our Ad in the National Enquirer beginning June 9.  PEACE!

Do This Special Thing for VD

Do something REALLY special for your Sweetheart this V.D.!!!  Remember your New Years Resolutions?
About getting your “Act Together”??!!

It’s not too late . . . Whether it’s for your lover this Valentines Day, or your Husband (maybe he’s Irish??!!) on St. Paddy’s in March, or your children at Easter in April, your Mom in May, your favorite Vet on Memorial Day, YOURSELF in July for Independence Day, Carnival in August, Rosh Hashana, Day of the Dead, Thanksgiving or
Winter Solice . . .

NOW IS THE TIME . . . get it together!

BE proud, sleep better, KNOW you’ve done the right thing and then live with that contentment that you’ve taken on the personal responsibility for yourself and the people you love!!

Purchase this handy dandy guide that walks you through the process with humor and g race with NO FEAR and confidence.



Life Iz Short Well-Intentioned New Year Resolutions


Here we are again at the Holidays . . . eating and drinking too much! Perhaps I should only speak for myself . . .
Just wrapped up another semester in college with straight A’s – no easy feat at my age but closer to that elusive bachelors degree all the time!

Enjoy all the festivities and be careful with all the over-indulgences and don’t drive drunk!

As we get closer too and then into the New Year – REMEMBER your well-intentioned RESOLUTIONS and order your book!

The best gift you can give yourself and those that you love is having your shit together when it comes to end-of-life and related documents.

LIFE IZ SHORT! “Life is Art” – it’s also temporary . . . do it well!  PEACE BABY! CIAO ~

Put Time Aside

By Pete Callan . . . October 24, 2013

Here we are nearing the end of the month of October and the holidaze are upon us … hard to believe that time is moving so fast!

As you prepare to get festive for Halloween and spend time with loved ones and family over Thanksgiving and Christmas . . . don’t forget to put some time aside and ‘do the right thing ’ but taking the initiative and stepping up to that graceful level of personal responsibility and get your paperwork in order!

It really does not take long if you put your head in it and you will find that when you’re done, the peace of mind that you will enjoy will make your holidaze so much more pleasant . . . promise!

XOXO peter