Author Peter Callan End of Life Issues

It’s Inevitable Dude – None of Us Get Out Alive!

“Whether Your 22 and Healthy as a Horse or 88 and Sick as a Dog,
Everyone Needs To Complete These 3 Documents to Ultimately Have Peace of Mind”

On his thirtieth birthday, the author could not count on both hands how many funerals he had attended for friends he had lost in a modern world full of calamities.

Soon after his fortieth birthday, that same reality started to hit closer to home with the loss of immediate family members.

After decades of observing good people battling enormous grief and not having even basic knowledge of the radical importance of some very essential paperwork and other realities around death, Peter returned to University and earned a Paralegal Certification with the purpose of writing this ‘Best Selling Workbook’ so that he might help others with meaningful suggestions for Life’s Tool Box.

A survivor with a grateful heart, Mr. Callan focuses on evolving as an educator regarding end-of-life issues, sharing vital information with others on the path.