Lucy Testimonial on Prepare to Die Book
Painless! Mr. Callan’s no-nonsense yet humorous perspective on the inevitable that we all face is
direct, compassionate and real.  A fun read!

Lucy Melmed
– Radio & TV Producer

Prepare To Die Chris Book Review

Funny, smart, informative . . . This one’s got legs, what all of us need – whether you know it or not.
Buy 10 and give out as birthday gifts to all your loved ones – no matter the age!
Christopher Heron – Renaissance Man

Sarah's Review on Prepare To Die Book
A Baby Boomers God-Send!  The “not quite irreverent” take on dealing with the  challenges we all face
at one point or another, either for ourselves or our loved ones, this book has answers . . .
even questions you didn’t know you had!

                 Sarah Russell – Friend

Sarah's Review on Prepare To Die BookIt’s the most valuable self-help book I’ve ever read.
Bill Whaley – Professor, Writer, Editor, Publisher