Lucy Testimonial on Prepare to Die Book
Painless! Mr. Callan’s no-nonsense yet humorous perspective on the inevitable that we all face is
direct, compassionate and real.  A fun read!

Lucy Melmed
– Radio & TV Producer

Prepare To Die Chris Book Review

Funny, smart, informative . . . This one’s got legs, what all of us need – whether you know it or not.
Buy 10 and give out as birthday gifts to all your loved ones – no matter the age!
Christopher Heron – Renaissance Man

Sarah's Review on Prepare To Die Book
A Baby Boomers God-Send!  The “not quite irreverent” take on dealing with the  challenges we all face
at one point or another, either for ourselves or our loved ones, this book has answers . . .
even questions you didn’t know you had!

                 Sarah Russell – Friend

Sarah's Review on Prepare To Die BookIt’s the most valuable self-help book I’ve ever read.
Bill Whaley – Professor, Writer, Editor, Publisher


Prepare To Die Book ReviewSince none of us are getting out of here alive, Prepare to Die should be required reading for all those we love and those who love us.
Robert Silver – Philospher, Writer, Philanthropist, Survivor